What’s Up, Dog?

I think my dog has autism. You may be asking yourself why I would dare to make such an insane assessment. He has his own trampoline. Actually, this would be the second trampoline we have utterly destroyed. By we, I mean the autistic dog (possibly, the autistic kids, but who’s keeping score). He’s scared of … More What’s Up, Dog?


I recently wrote about how Handsome will request “more tablet/show please” everyday. He never ceases to amaze me at what lengths he will go to in order to secure said tablet in his hands. Here are a few more pictures showing what horrible and treacherous heights he will go through. Cleaning up his own messes… … More More.Tablet.Please.

Digging Ditches

I love the “ah-ha!” moment when something makes sense to you. This happens to me all.the.time. Especially when I read from the Bible. Passages or verses that I have read many times over, often become easy to quickly gloss over because they are either committed to memory {insert serious confession time here} or seem insignificant to me personally. Yep…I just said that. Really?!?! At what point in my life did I become so good at this whole living out the Bible part that any one part becomes insignificant to me? Lord, please forgive me. … More Digging Ditches