One Of Those Days

I love that motivational thing-y, you know, the one that says something about the half full/half empty glassĀ and missing the point because the glass is refillable. Actually love is a strong word. It’s more of a love-hate relationship. Totally depends on my mood if I find that motivational poster to be helpful. Ever have one … More One Of Those Days


Handsome has very few words that he can verbally express with clarity. He tries and he makes utterances for many things. But overall, he has very few “words” that he can speak. Of the handful of words that Handsome will try to verbally express, the word “want” comes out crystal clear. For instance, “want” is … More Want

The Peace of Resistance

Handsome seeks a lot of sensory input throughout the day. He gets that input from things like walking on his toes, licking walls or windows, wearing headphones, bouncing on an exercise ball, and also pushing himself into tight positions. One of our favorite sensory exercises is to crawl through a resistance tunnel. These things are … More The Peace of Resistance