Today I am overwhelmed. I don’t even know where to begin. Handsome is non-verbal, though he makes many sounds and utterances, he even has syllables and inflection. He uses signs for some things. But just like his momma, he is a words person. He loves words. He loves to spell words. He loves to look at … More Counting

He Might Eat That

The hubs made some pimento cheese spread tonight. Just as he finished preparing it, he asked me if I thought Handsome would eat any. “Sure. I think he would eat it. If it were potato chips and not pimento cheese spread.” Happy Tuesday.

Road Trip

I half-heartedly unplugged for a couple of weeks while the fam did a major road trip this month. I debated taking my laptop so I could make notes of all the insane autism antics that were absolutely certain to play out. I mean, we spent 4300 miles in our little wagon crossing the country and … More Road Trip