New Shoes

We finally made it back up to Philadelphia to pick up Handsome’s new foot gear. Looks like the boy has grown quite a lot in the last year. He also measured in at 5 feet, 1 inch tall…for anyone taking notes, that would be only 1-inch shorter than me. The whole family went up to … More New Shoes

First Time Hiking

Ok, so, it wasn’t really hiking. It was more like casually strolling along a short trail in the Shenandoah National Park. Kudos to SNP for having a couple of accessible trails to pick from along Skyline Drive! We picked the smaller of the two trails, and I think we chose wisely. We all enjoyed the … More First Time Hiking


We are wrapping up a vacation week along with the ten bazillion other families who take off for the week of the Fourth. I’m pretty sure they were all on I-95 this week. The hubs is still relatively new on his job, and since many of the folks he works with were taking off this … More Evicted

Road Trip

By the grace of God and by the power of Gray Skull, I survived the road trip to Philadelphia with the Handsome boy. If you ever want to know what torture is like, try spending 9 hours in the car with this on repeat. I repeat, nine hours. That is NINE.HOURS. of the Wiggles on … More Road Trip

Road Trip

I half-heartedly unplugged for a couple of weeks while the fam did a major road trip this month. I debated taking my laptop so I could make notes of all the insane autism antics that were absolutely certain to play out. I mean, we spent 4300 miles in our little wagon crossing the country and … More Road Trip