The Table

This post doesn’t have anything to do with autism. There’s not even any sarcasm in it. That’s the truth, too. I wasn’t even being sarcastic when I said that. Seriously, this post is about a sentimental piece of furniture. I’m having a hard time believing myself, but that’s the honest truth. I was given my … More The Table

The Afternoon Nap

The afternoon nap. I can’t even say that without palpitations. It happened ten days ago. Handsome fell asleep on his bed in the late afternoon. When I posted this picture online, I got a few people to share in the dialog about some suggestions. Trust me when I say that we have been struggling with … More The Afternoon Nap

What’s Happening?

So sorry I have been MIA lately. It’s been a crazy month around here! I officially launched my small business…that’s been exciting and scary all at the same time! We had another crisis foster baby for a few weeks. And then there was that other thing…my Handsome boy had a mini stroke and spent four … More What’s Happening?