Rub My Belly

The Handsome boy does not appear to understand that momma is pregnant. At least, you wouldn’t know it by the way he likes to try to plop on my stomach when I’m sitting or lying on the couch. However, in some quiet moments when we are on the couch together, the Handsome boy will reach … More Rub My Belly

Wait, What?

Sorry it’s been kinda quiet around here lately. Not that there has been a shortage of autism moments or anything like that. But… …this happened… Looks like we will have a new little one joining our family towards the end of May next year! I’m a couple weeks away from turning 41, and all I … More Wait, What?

And Just Like That

And just like that, the Handsome boy turned 11. We love to celebrate Handsome’s birthday because it’s usually very low key. A few gifts from family, favorite cookies, and a favorite meal round out a perfect day for the kiddo. To make the day extra special, the Handsome boy was handed the TV remote and … More And Just Like That


Handsome loves to play on the deck, especially on these cool days we’ve been having lately. The temperature has been in the 60s and 70s here lately. Cool enough that we could leave windows and doors open all day. Open doors, means easy access to outside. Luckily, Handsome is happy as a lark and content … More Oww-ch