Autism At The Fair

We survived the Ag fair last night with the various assortment of autism displays. It wasn’t all that bad, but there were a few moments. Handsome did better than we expected. He started demanding the tablet as soon as we arrived, but we usually don’t let him use the tablet while we are walking. He … More Autism At The Fair

Never Ending Story

He, who shall be unnamed, began to tell me a story this morning. Several minutes into the story, I think my left eye started twitching, seemingly unnoticed and unbeknownst to him. About 20 minutes later I had to interrupt him and ask him to please stop talking. Also, he, who shall remain unnamed, asked for … More Never Ending Story


We are wrapping up a vacation week along with the ten bazillion other families who take off for the week of the Fourth. I’m pretty sure they were all on I-95 this week. The hubs is still relatively new on his job, and since many of the folks he works with were taking off this … More Evicted