If someone were handing out awards yesterday for meanest mom ever, I certainly would have won. I outdid myself. Even for my cynical and sarcastic person, the hardcore, mean to the bone nasty just poured out of me, almost uncontrollably. I crushed his spirit. I ruined his day. But I stood my ground and did … More Cruelty


Real quick blurb about this and then we can all carry on. Head on over to onetwentytwo and read more about our adventures. Go on. I’ll wait. That’s all for now folks.

Never Ending Story

He, who shall be unnamed, began to tell me a story this morning. Several minutes into the story, I think my left eye started twitching, seemingly unnoticed and unbeknownst to him. About 20 minutes later I had to interrupt him and ask him to please stop talking. Also, he, who shall remain unnamed, asked for … More Never Ending Story