Chick Magnet

Yep. You guessed it. We got our baby chicks. Originally, we left the store with 8 chicks–two each of four different breeds. Several days later when we went back to the store for more feed, we ended up leaving with two more. So we’re up to 10 chicks now! Honestly, this is our first time … More Chick Magnet

New Things

We’ve had some really neat things happening around here. We finally got back into homeschooling. I say that like it’s been forever. But we only took 2 weeks off to move. Our initial move from FL to VA happened over our Christmas break, and we only took 2 weeks off then, too. So now that our extended … More New Things

Screaming Autism

Yay, we have internet and wi-fi again! Spotty, but we can get online. I’ve had a couple of days to catch my breath. I don’t think I can even go into vague details without causing myself to go into some sort of relapse or regression of some sort. Well, in case you missed it…we moved … More Screaming Autism