Me, Today, Fail

Today’s broadcast brought to you by the number 2. Today began at midnight. Well, duh, right?! No, I mean, Handsome was still up at midnight last night. Not just up. Laughing maniacally.all.night.long. It just so happens that there is a hallway light switch just outside of his bedroom door. We have to stack two baby … More Me, Today, Fail

Autism At The Fair

We survived the Ag fair last night with the various assortment of autism displays. It wasn’t all that bad, but there were a few moments. Handsome did better than we expected. He started demanding the tablet as soon as we arrived, but we usually don’t let him use the tablet while we are walking. He … More Autism At The Fair

New Things

We’ve had some really neat things happening around here. We finally got back into homeschooling. I say that like it’s been forever. But we only took 2 weeks off to move. Our initial move from FL to VA happened over our Christmas break, and we only took 2 weeks off then, too. So now that our extended … More New Things

I Don’t Get It

So this really happened. Me: Wanna taco ’bout it? Jr: About what? Me: I don’t know, lettuce figure something out. Jr: Figure what out? Me: Talking is nacho strong suit, is it? Jr: Suit? Me: Sorry, I’m just jalapeno business today. Jr: [[[crickets]]] So I drew him a picture, thought maybe he could understand the … More I Don’t Get It