First Time Hiking

Ok, so, it wasn’t really hiking. It was more like casually strolling along a short trail in the Shenandoah National Park. Kudos to SNP for having a couple of accessible trails to pick from along Skyline Drive! We picked the smaller of the two trails, and I think we chose wisely. We all enjoyed the … More First Time Hiking


Real quick blurb about this and then we can all carry on. Head on over to onetwentytwo and read more about our adventures. Go on. I’ll wait. That’s all for now folks.


We are wrapping up a vacation week along with the ten bazillion other families who take off for the week of the Fourth. I’m pretty sure they were all on I-95 this week. The hubs is still relatively new on his job, and since many of the folks he works with were taking off this … More Evicted